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As the National Secondary Schools Computer Fund (NSSCF) project comes to an end in December 2015 for all schools, we will be entering an exciting new phase of BYOx.  BYOx stands for “Bring Your Own Device”. 
As the Federal Government funding model for computers in schools has changed, money that was once available to provide 1:1 computer access to students has not been renewed.  While in the coming years, there will be a limited number of school owned computers available for student use, this will diminish over time as current computers reach their end of life.  As time goes by, it will become increasingly beneficial for students to have their own computers that they bring to school.
From the beginning of 2016 students will be able to bring their own computer to school provided it meets with the designated minimum technical specifications.  We are currently investing in technical infrastructure which will allow students’ devices to connect to the school’s computer network where they will be able to connect to network folders and the Internet.
A limited number of the take home laptops that have been used by the Year 10 – 12 students for the past four years will still be available for student hire at a reduced cost during 2016.  Unfortunately next year, these devices will no longer have 3G Internet access.
The school’s technical staff have devised a set of “minimum” and “recommended” specifications for BYOx devices.  These specifications are outlined below.  If you intend on purchasing a laptop for your student to use at school in 2016, it is highly recommended that these specifications are discussed with your chosen retailer.
More information about BYOx will be provided in each newsletter as details become available.  This topic will also be discussed at each of the parent nights being held between now and the end of the year.
In the meantime, if you have any questions regarding BYOx, please don’t hesitate to email me at
Mrs Linda Stern
Acting Deputy Principal


Frequently Asked Questions:

•    I already own a laptop but it doesn’t meet the minimum specifications.  What can I do?
If the laptop has current virus protection software installed, ask your son/daughter to bring it in to the school and our technical staff will determine whether it can be joined to the network. Staff will make an effort to join devices wherever possible, however parents should be aware some required software may not run on devices that do not meet minimum specifications.
•   My child currently hires a laptop from the school.  Will this be available next year.
There will be a limited number of devices available for hire next year.  Students who have a current hire arrangement in place will get first preference for these devices next year.  It should be noted that school hire devices will no longer have 3G access or a warranty system in place beyond 2015.
•   Do I need to purchase a specific brand of laptop?
No – the brand of the laptop is not important.  It is, however very important that when purchasing a laptop, the list of minimum specifications is taken to your computer retailer so you can be sure your purchase will have the full functionality required by your student.
•   Is a bigger laptop always better?
No – when purchasing a laptop, it is important to consider the weight of the laptop and the amount of room available in your child’s bag.
•   Does an iPad meet the minimum specifications?
Unfortunately no, iPads will not be approved for use within the school as they do not have the full functionality required for some commonly used software applications.
Please click here for recommended specifications for BYOx Devices -  Minimum Specifications - Devices - 2017.pdfMinimum Specifications - Devices - 2017.pdf
Mrs Linda Stern
Acting Deputy Principal

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Helpful Documents

BYOx Connectivity Request Form 2018.pdfBYOx Connectivity Request Form 2018 (PDF, 174 KB)

Student BYOx charter template.pdfStudent BYOx charter template (PDF, 275 KB)

For more information download our Colour Flyer - BYOx - 2017.pdfColour Flyer - BYOx - 2017 (PDF 388 KB)